Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy days

I woke up in the morning to find a rain-kissed day dawning upon me. A madhumalti creeper runs right over my bedroom window; and like a wizard it climbs up over the terrace. The rains had brought the heady fragrance of its blossoms wafting through the window, and there were a dozen other scents running amok in the air. The meetha limda tree was also in blossom and I could trace the fragrance of its flowers and I woke up feeling intoxicated.
I found out that my little garden had indeed turned a new leaf. All the plants, shrubs and creepers were deliriously happy, they looked scrubbed clean and it felt as if everything about the day was made to order! Made to order to please me! I took a few pictures. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.
The fragrances reminded me of the trip that I had taken to Coorg. Coorg is known for its coffee plantations and we (Mukta, Dhara and I) were in Coorg just in time for the coffee blossoms; they spring forth only once in a year. It is almost a surreal experience to wander through the coffee plantations. Like a man drunk on good wine, after some 15 minutes or so, you actually begin to stumble and feel light and gay. The blossoms let out such an intoxicating fragrance that you are high without a drop of alcohol.
We had stayed at a home stay in Coorg and it turned out to be such an idyllic vacation. A beautiful traditional red tiled Coorgi home. Two dogs and a cat. Rich coffee any time of the day. Homemade food and wine (honey, garlic, strawberry and grape) that reflected a very rich cuisine. A fireplace and an arm chair. A garden to wander about.
I had felt myself slowing down: thinking less, speaking without a rush, a feeling of being at peace, at home. There were other guests at the home stay and conversation flowed easy. While it rained one night, every one gathered near the fire place, and among glasses of homemade wine, one of the guests picked up his guitar and belted out a few songs. Everyone joined in, the rain went rim-jhim in harmony, a fire fly circled our heads briefly, the dog came and sat near my feet, the host came along with trays of fish, egg curry, chicken, rice, sambhar, rice cakes, idli, stuffed capsicum, a salad, four different types of chutney... It was heaven.
It was a happy day. And it is a happy day today. Thank god for happy days.

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